Hello! Welcome to the R@R website.

About R@R

Recovery At Ringgold is a Christ-centered, biblically based recovery program built on the framework of the 12 Steps.  It is for any one who struggles with any kind of behavior that causes damage to the individual and those around them. Recovery At Ringgold is non-denominational, endorsing the basics of Christian beliefs. The program provides support for anyone trying to make positive changes to the way they live their lives.

R@R is now 10 years old.

On Thursday evening, 10/26/2023 we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Recovery At Ringgold.  It was an amazing night.  Roughly 80 people attended the meeting.  Chris McDaniel shared his recovery story. He’s been on a significant journey inn is own 

Everyone needs help recovering from something.
Come as you are.

New Things Happening At R@R

Recovery At Ringgold is introducing a number of new types of content in our Thursday meetings.  These new forms of content will add expanded recovery information in a more engaging, interactive format.  These new formats will rotate from week to week, adding variety to the weekly meetings.

Types Of Meeting Content


The live testimony format features a real person sharing their personal recovery story with those attending.



Recovery Interviews

The recovery interview format features an interview with someone who has a compelling story or special insight into some aspect of recovery.



Video Nights

The video night format features a prerecorded recovery message.  Some of these videos are provided by the Recovery At Cokesbury Network of which Recover At Ringgold is a member.


Panel Discussions

The panel discussion format includes two or more panel members discussing a predetermined topic related to recovery.  Q&A from those attending is encouraged.


Worship Nights

The worship night format focuses on worship through music.  The majority of the evening is spent raising our voices to live contemporary Christian music.


Unpacking The Steps

The unpacking the steps format includes teaching on one or more of the 12 Steps.  A presenter covers aspects of step work to increase the level of understanding of those attending.


Experiential Nights

The experiential night format is an interactive, hands on, out-of-the-box experience, in which we will process faith and recovery concepts with immediate application points.